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Interstate 405 Freeway

405 LA Traffic ...

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Interactive map: click highlighted city names for regional traffic maps ... 405 LA Freeway Map
The map above shows the 405 (highlighted in pink) where it travels through metro LA.

The Interstate 405 in California, abbreviated "405", the "i-405" and "405 Freeway", is the main bypass off the Interstate 5 Highway in Greater Los Angeles... the 405 travels into the coastal region of Greater Los Angeles, and provides one of the main routes to many of California's most popular beaches, landmarks, tourist attractions, communities, and cities.

The 405 Freeway is a very popular and very heavily traveled freeway... in fact, the i-405 has become known as one of the busiest and most congested freeways in the world. While the 405 Freeway is only approx. 73 miles long... it's driving time is often very unpredictable... and will vary considerably depending upon the time of day the highway is traveled due to the very large number of people from around the greater Los Angeles area who regularly use the freeway.

The 405 Freeway is also called/known as the "San Diego Freeway"... which sometimes causes confusion, because the city of San Diego is located nowhere near the 405, in fact, San Diego is actually located over 70 miles south of the 405.

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