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Harbor Freeway Map ...

Harbor Freeway Map

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The map above shows the Harbor Freeway (the 110) and the 405 Freeway (both highlighted in pink) ...

The Harbor Freeway provides one of the most direct routes from downtown Los Angeles area to the Los Angeles Harbor area.

At it's north-end, the Harbor Freeway starts at south-side of the i-10 (interstate 10), and travels south to the San Pedro / Los Angeles Harbor area.

The Harbor Freeway does travel north from the i-10, but it does so under a different name... traveling north from the i-10, the Harbor Freeway is called the "Pasadena Freeway"... the Pasadena Freeway travels north-eastward from the downtown Los Angeles area to the Pasadena area.

The Harbor Freeway is also called the "i-110" and "Interstate 110"... the length of Harbor Freeway is approx. 21.4 miles long.

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