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405 Freeway Exits

Exit 40B on 405 South; Redondo Beach Blvd. Exit ...

Exit 40B South bound is shown in middle of the map on initial page load...

Exit 40B South leaves the 405 Freeway in the LA area connecting to Redondo Beach Blvd..

Check current traffic conditions on the 405 & Redondo Beach Blvd. area.

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Some destinations via Exit 40B South include;

  • Alondra Golf Course,
  • AMPM,
  • Artesia Blvd.,
  • Bank of America,
  • California Pizza Kitchen,
  • Charles Hopper Park,
  • Chase Bank,
  • Columbia Park,
  • Condon Ave,
  • Crenshaw Blvd,
  • Edison Elementary,
  • El Camino College,
  • El Nido Park,
  • Environmental Charter High School,
  • Franklin Park,
  • Greville Ave,
  • Hawthorn Blvd,
  • Hertz Rent A Car,
  • Inglewood Ave,
  • Kingsdale Ave,
  • McDonald's,
  • Maceys,
  • Magruder Middle School,
  • Manhattan Beach Blvd,
  • Nordstrom South Bay Gallerina,
  • Norm's Restaurant,
  • North High School,
  • Osage Ave,
  • Pacific Crest Cemetery,
  • Pequeno Park,
  • Prairie Ave,
  • Redondo Beach Blvd,
  • Red Robin Gourmet Burgers,
  • San Diego Fwy,
  • Starbucks,
  • Subway,
  • Taco Bell,
  • Target,
  • Torrance Community Gardens,
  • Union Bank ATM,
  • Wells Fargo Bank,
  • William Green Elementary School,
  • William Green Park,
  • Yukon Ave,
  • 7-Eleven,
  • 168th St W,
  • 171st St W,
  • 182nd St,
  • 186th St,
  • 190th St W,

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